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Hua Li Bao Co., Ltd is located at Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong province, is the provincially high-tech manufacturer of surface protective film, since 2000 establishment, Hua Li Bao Company devotes into producing and developing the temporary surface protective materials constantly. At present, it occupies an area of 53,000㎡ with employees more than 300. In the protective film industry, we have the most integrated, end-to-end product lines and solutions. We provide scientific technology and satisfied products for surface protection solutions for customers from all over the world, and we continuously satisfy every customer by more professional and international service. We will keep our firm faith, exert our teamwork spirit and take the opportunity of being DRAGON ENTERPRISE in Shunde to build a leading company which possess with the most core competitive ability, independent innovation capability and international competitiveness in the protective film industry.  

OPERATIVE NORM: Do the best at the first time;
GUIDELINE FOR MANAGEMENT: Develop with high-tech, survive with high quality, benefit with efficient management;
COMPANY SPIRIT: Self-discipline and Social Commitment;
ENTERPRISE TENET: make high quality products, create world famous brand.

In order to confront the revolutionary change occurs in protective film industry, Hua Li Bao Company constantly makes innovation and dedicates to develop forward-looking technologies to meet customers' demands and provide the maximum value services full of originality to seek common development with our customers through our extraordinary creativity of protective product and countermeasures.

Hua Li Bao Company majors in the design and production of PE, PET, BOPP, CPP and all kind of application. The protective films produced by Hua Li Bao are widely applicable to photo-electricity, electro, building materials stainless steel plastic sheet, polyester furniture and dimension stone which need surface protection. Transfer paper is suitable to transfer locating of applique on body of motorcycles, vehicles and etc., and of labels on containers, railway transport containers and etc.Sticky mats are suitable for removing dust from shoe soles to keep the environment clean, it is widely used in electronics industry, medicine industry, conference and exhibition.

1. Electronics industry: Mainly for LCD monitor, back light board, electro-luminescent Sheet, membrane switch, mobile phone screen, and so on. Our film will prevent the finished and semi- finished articles from the scratch and damage happens in their assembly line to the maximum extent .
2. Household appliance industry: Computer cases, galvanized plate for stamping, aluminum plates, stainless steel, titanium plates, plastic plates, glass, solar panels, etc.
3. Construction industry: aluminum profiles, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, PVC profiles, etc.
4. Plastics industry: Surface protection for ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, meter, Plastic optical lenses, painted parts and so on.
5. Printing industry: Surface protection for PVC, PC plate, aluminum plate, plastic sheet and other printing nameplate, and so on.
6. Wire and cable industry: protection for spools-pack copper wire, semi-finished products and finished products. It can effectively prevent dust pollution, good help for anti-oxidation and dust proof.
7. Other surfaces need temporary protection.  

“Technology is supreme”, this concept has been throughout the development of Hua Li Bao’s protective film, the Hua Li Bao’s people keep working on the innovation, make good use of independent research and reach a high starting point in the path of independent innovation. Since the R&D center come into service in 2000, after years of precipitation technology and capital investment, is now equipped with complete environmental laboratory, viscosity test lab, glue R&D labs and other advanced laboratory equipment modernization. We continue to explore out the protective film industry with quality manufacturing model.