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1. Electronics industry: Mainly for LCD monitor, back light board, electro-luminescent Sheet, membrane switch, mobile phone screen, and so on. Our film will prevent the finished and semi- finished articles from the scratch and damage happens in their assembly line to the maximum extent . 

2. Household appliance industry: Computer cases, galvanized plate for stamping, aluminum plates, stainless steel, titanium plates, plastic plates, glass, solar panels, etc. 

3. Construction industry: aluminum profiles, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, PVC profiles, etc. 

4. Plastics industry: Surface protection for ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, meter, Plastic optical lenses, painted parts and so on. 

5. Printing industry: Surface protection for PVC, PC plate, aluminum plate, plastic sheet and other printing nameplate, and so on.

6. Wire and cable industry: protection for spools-pack copper wire, semi-finished products and finished products. It can effectively prevent dust pollution, good help for anti-oxidation and dust proof. 

7. Household: Tiles,Carpet,stairs,floor.

8.Other surfaces need temporary protection.